Mint Relief, ©2014 Tracy Wall

Mint Relief
10″ x 10″
oil on panel
© Tracy Wall

This is one of the new paintings hanging in the JOY!! exhibit at Children’s Hospital Colorado through November 9th.  A percent of the sale proceeds are donated back to the hospital, so find your favorite!

What better way to celebrate the last official week of summer.

JOY Exhibition Invite to 11-9

Aside from having fabulous artwork all over the secure patient halls and floors, Children’s Hospital Colorado also has a public exhibit space with rotating exhibits for all to enjoy.  (no security badges needed)

The newest exhibit up in this space includes the works of eight women represented by Abend Gallery.

I am delighted to have five new works chosen for this exhibit.  In addition, to be in the company of such creative ladies: Sam Buller, Nancy Condit, Nicole Hyde, Deb Komitor, Peggy McGivern, Jean Shom, and Elsa Sroka; I’m honored!!

I’ll be posting new works here as the days go on, but there’s nothing like seeing works in person.  Stop by and see this show in Aurora CO; it’ll be up through the beginning of November.

I’ve been asked to show the details of the game-playing frogs, so here you go.

I made it a point to try to create a personality, while try to keep the feels of wild frogs.  You can only anthropomorphize so much until it turns into a parody.   (I means, you need real frogs at Children’s Hospital Colorado, right?)  ; )

Besides, the feeling that frogs are unexpected on a game board would be lost if they became too “cartoony”.

Had fun creating these fellas!!

Chutes & Ladders Transform ©TLW,  detail 2  Chutes & Ladders Transform ©TLW,  detail 1  Chutes & Ladders Transform ©TLW,  detail 4  Chutes & Ladders Transform ©TLW,  detail 5 Chutes & Ladders Transform ©TLW,  detail 3      Chutes & Ladders Transform (c)TLW - tiny copy

Chutes & Ladders Transform (c)TLW - tiny copy

Chutes & Ladders Transform
36″ x 48″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©2014 Tracy Wall

Yikes!  Need to catch up on here!
I may have been absent, but I feel like I’ve been so busy!  It’s time to catch up.

This is my most recent commission created for Children’s Hospital Colorado delivered in July.  It’s a pretty hefty size for me measuring in at 3 feet x 4 feet .

As a play on the children’s game Chutes & Ladders, these Colorado frogs identify with the up’s and down’s of life.  In many cultures, frogs represent change and transformation as they grow from tadpole to frog.

The lesson for me is this: Metamorphosis is crucial for survival.  Whether it’s adults reinventing themselves later in life, frogs maturing from water to land, or kids dealing with growing up and facing health/developmental challenges, we all need to roll with the punches and learn to adapt to changes as they occur.

As much as I love variety in my life, making changes is hard for me too!  Changes in schedule, changes in daily activities, changes in diet… I ss-s-st-t-t-t-tr-r-r-uuuuuuuuuuuu-gle.  Funny how I love trying new things, yet find change in daily life so challenging.

Forever the pull/push: a creature of habit that loves variety.




Stem Study ©TracyWall

Stem Study (sold)
8″ x 6″
oil on panel
©Tracy Wall

I really got a kick how this one came out.  Love the abstraction of all the shapes, reflections and refractions.

A little delayed, but I took part this year in the 23rd annual Summer Art Market sponsored by the Art Students League of Denver earlier this month.  Was a bang-up year for sales, despite the rainy weather.

A huge heartfelt “thank you!” to all those who weathered the storm and found just the right piece of art they were looking for.  : )

Always thrilled with those who enjoy and support our local artists community!

Spring Tulips, ©Tracy Wall

Spring Tulips
12″ x 9″
oil on panel
©Tracy Wall

Almost the middle of May, and Mother Nature has laid a 5″ blanket of snow on Denver.  Just when I was getting excited about happenings in my garden.

What a lovely winter we’re having this spring.  : )  Between you and me, I love how we go back and forth with the unpredictability of transitioning seasons.

Lots of schedule changes this week in my other job, and the snow adds more twists to it.

Just another reminder not to hold on to plans and schedules too tightly.  (I’m actually getting better at this!)  One of my favorite quotes:

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – Michael McGriffy, MD

This cold spell won’t last too long, we’re supposed to be in the 70’s by mid week.  May the spring flowers and leaf buds survive!

Me in a shoe store

Me in the shoe store taking a picture of my pants.

It was a usual Saturday, and I had spent the day painting at Abend Gallery.  Afterwards, I ran a few errands before heading home.

Walking through a local mall, it can be hard for me NOT to stop into a shoe store as I pass by.  So I did.  Walked into a Steve Madden store just to see what they had.

A little hard to see, so I've pointed out the distress.  :)

A little hard to see, so I’ve pointed out the distress. :)

As I entered, staff approached, but not with the usual, “can I help you find something?”  Instead, “OMG, where did you get those jeans?  I LOVE them!!”

Huh?  The jeans in question were my usual faded Levi’s with marred with dabs of paint on them.  My usual “paint pants”.

Turns out the “distressed” look is quite popular these days, and paint schmears help make them that way.  Who knew?

Maybe I’m painting on the wrong type of cotton canvas.  : )

Any Way You Slice It, ©Tracy Wall

Any Way You Slice It
10″ x 10″ (x1.5″)
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
© Tracy Wall

“All sorrows are less with bread. ”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Created this for an upcoming benefit in May.  More about that then.

After reading my previous post, I wondered: why do YOU read art blogs?
Let me know in the comments.

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