Me in a shoe store

Me in the shoe store taking a picture of my pants.

It was a usual Saturday, and I had spent the day painting at Abend Gallery.  Afterwards, I ran a few errands before heading home.

Walking through a local mall, it can be hard for me NOT to stop into a shoe store as I pass by.  So I did.  Walked into a Steve Madden store just to see what they had.

A little hard to see, so I've pointed out the distress.  :)

A little hard to see, so I’ve pointed out the distress. :)

As I entered, staff approached, but not with the usual, “can I help you find something?”  Instead, “OMG, where did you get those jeans?  I LOVE them!!”

Huh?  The jeans in question were my usual faded Levi’s with marred with dabs of paint on them.  My usual “paint pants”.

Turns out the “distressed” look is quite popular these days, and paint schmears help make them that way.  Who knew?

Maybe I’m painting on the wrong type of cotton canvas.  : )

Any Way You Slice It, ©Tracy Wall

Any Way You Slice It
10″ x 10″ (x1.5″)
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
© Tracy Wall

“All sorrows are less with bread. ”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Created this for an upcoming benefit in May.  More about that then.

After reading my previous post, I wondered: why do YOU read art blogs?
Let me know in the comments.

Sweet Couple, © Tracy Wall

Sweet Couple
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
© Tracy Wall

To follow up on last week’s post of attending to the health of this blog, I need to ask myself: why would I want to blog?  What do I get out of blogging?

There’s a number of reasons:
~ Being an artist can be a solitary life.  I like to reach out to others.
~ It’s a way to connect with potential collectors
~ It’s a way to connect with fellow artists: share, compare, commiserate, and celebrate
~ It’s a way to let those unfamiliar with the creative process take a peek at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of artist’s life.
~ It’s a way for folks to get to know me.  Knowing me makes seeing my art more interesting.  Knowing my art makes me more interesting.
~ I just know that the moment I publish this post, I’ll come up with half-a-dozen other pivotally important reasons, but they escape me right now.  I’ll update PRN.  :)

After coming up with these reasons, I’m not sure I’ve been holding up my end of the bargain here on this blog.

That’s why I signed up for the Blog Triage class with Alyson Stanfield of and Cynthia Morris of .

My plan is to resuscitate this patient.
Stay tuned!

Coding...., ©TracyWall

©Tracy Wall

Time flies.

I’ve been working this blog for six and a half years now.  (wow, 6 1/2 years really?)  And while it’s still technically alive with recent posts, I’ve noticed him limping.  We all could use a make-over every now and again, but I think I need to go to the professionals to see if his true health is in danger.  Dr stethescope pocket rgbphoto

“He’s coding!…….  paddles charging………   CLEAR!”   (*thump*)

In order to breathe new life into this tired little blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Alyson Stanfield of and Cynthia Morris of .

Today’s assignment is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.  There’s a wide range of folks that would include:
~ Art collectors (both my existing patrons and future collectors).  Some have established collections, while others just beginning.
~ Fellow artists, active as well as those who appreciate seeing others’ work.
~ They’re from all over the world, but most in the U.S., with many in the Rocky Mountain area.
~ They are fairly computer savvy able to easily navigate through blogs, though there’s some who on-line searching is still new.
~ While they may be at home on a computer, Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter may not be their thing.
~ Many have some connection to horses (direct or indirect), dogs, and animals in general.
~ All have an appreciation for things with visual appeal.
~ And of course family and friends.

But most of all, I probably write for me.  Tell you more about that in the next post.

Uncharted Stride, ©Tracy Wall

Uncharted Stride
30″ x 40″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
© Tracy Wall

…and the third of the three large bold horses.
(Boy, really hard to get an image of the true color of that purple)

Stop by Abend Gallery through March 8th and see the whole herd!

"Wrapped Up in Blue", ©Tracy Wall

Wrapped Up in Blue
36″ x 36″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©Tracy Wall

A second painting leaping into my series of simple horses gone big.

Inspirations come from everywhere.  This one’s color palette came from a small piece of wrapping paper I’ve saved for years because I liked the color combination.

Add that to a strong composition, and “voila!”

Tall Draft, 36"x36", ©Tracy Wall

Tall Draft
36″ x 36″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
© Tracy Wall

Now on to my Word of the Year (see previous post)
At this time, I’ve been feeling like I’m at a plateau.  The story of this painting can help show what I mean…

I was painting some small paintings to exhibit in a miniatures show (all works 8″x10″ or smaller).  Usually I paint on a brightly toned canvas or board allowing little bits of the base color to splash through.

So I was painting this blue grey draft horse on an orange canvas and what often happens after I paint the subject happened again: I end up liking the super crazy loud vivid screaming bright color in the background.

Now usually I acquiesce, saying to myself “yeah, right, like anyone is going to want that LOUD of a color on their wall”, and instead paint an equally interesting color, though a bit more traditional and subdued to hide all but just bits of the bright one behind.

But….., but  I really liked this bright orange/yellow on this one. I liked how it competed with the duller colors of the interesting subject.

Grey Draft ©Tracy Wall

Grey Draft, 8″x8″, ©Tracy Wall, (sold)

So I took a leap:
Ok, forget what people might think.  It’s just a small little 8×8 piece, I justified to myself.  Take a chance; go where my rebel gut was asking, “what if….?”

So I did.  I took a leap of faith.  I kept this crazy loud yellow orange around this traditional grey horse.  And I still liked it!

Well, it sold before the exhibit even opened.  Then a second collector saw it waiting in the gallery and wanted one as well.  So I painted another.  Then I super-sized it more than 4x the original size, and that third version is still awaiting a new home. (painting at the top of this post)

Lesson: go with my gut.  Take a leap.

I was thrilled with the excitement and self-growth of taking a leap of faith.  Some may see it as a very small leap, barely even a step.  For me, it was still a leap: not just in color but in trusting myself.  And that growth is what I’ve been looking for to get off of this self-labelled plateau.  ** POP! **  Just the spark I was looking for.

In 2014, Leap will be my Word of the Year.  Watch for my leaps!

Colorful Cowboy, ©Tracy Wall

Colorful Cowboy
18″ x 14″
oil on canvas
© Tracy Wall

This one, inspired by the annual Stock Show and Rodeo here in Denver, is a remake of an older painting.  (I’m much older and wiser now, right?)  I’ll always love the cowboy take on this classic Greek pose.

As I ponder my 2014 Word of the Year, I look back to see where I’ve been, what have been stumbling blocks, and where I’d like to go.

A little background, I first came upon a “Word of the Year” from Christine Kane.  Instead of a list of goals to achieve, instead find a word to act as a guiding theme.  I think I just skipped last year; no focus?
In 2012 word was “adventurous”, because I was feeling as if I didn’t aim high enough.
In 2011, I chose “balance” and “vision” because I wanted more balance of activities and priorities (All work and no play makes Tracy very dull.), and I wanted to know where I’d like to go.
In 2010 I asked to “let go” of some things I thought were holding me back, while 2009 found me taking “action”.

I still keep these words in mind, I think they’ll often be my challenges.

This year, once again I’m feeling at a plateau.  Next post I’ll tell the story of a painting and how it helped guide my thoughts on this.

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