“Warmth of Gold” and a restart


Warmth of Gold
5″ x 5″
oil on gold leaf, cradled panel
©Tracy Wall

Painting on gold leaf is challenging for me!  I work with the values (lights and darks) of my paintings, and the gold can be very deceptive.  It can read as a “light” value, but then change the angle from which you see it, and all of the sudden it turns dark.   (…and super hard to photograph)

I’ve taken a self-imposed hiatus from painting/creating/social media, to get reconnected.  (Hah!  …disconnecting to reconnect…)

Reconnect with myself, my needs, my wants, my bucket list, and what to explore next.   I have a tendency to do that as the New Year starts.

It’s now time to restart.
This is one painted in the end of 2016, and currently on display at Abend Gallery.  Appropriate as there’s a new light dawning on a new day.  Stay tuned!


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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One Response to “Warmth of Gold” and a restart

  1. Pattie Wall says:

    I hear ya on the reconnect – don’t stay away too long. Love the light and color in this horse!

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