Small details….

Here’s a few detail shots:  small images that show parts of the larger piece.

Just a few teasers.


Stay tuned for the whole shebang!

Please noteI’ve since started a new blog on the site that houses my main website,  While I try to post the same content both here and there, eventually I will be phasing this one out.

Catch the new blog here:

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“Quart Study”

z Qt Study (milk study 2) sm copy2

Quart Study
6″ x 8″
mixed media on panel
©Tracy Wall

Call me nutty, but I’m just continuously enamored with the form and shape of an open milk carton. 

I grew up in the Dairy State; milk was my “go to” life line for fuel, nourishment and comfort.
Must have also fallen in love with the folds and angles.

I’ll have to explore more.  : )

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“Warmth of Gold” and a restart


Warmth of Gold
5″ x 5″
oil on gold leaf, cradled panel
©Tracy Wall

Painting on gold leaf is challenging for me!  I work with the values (lights and darks) of my paintings, and the gold can be very deceptive.  It can read as a “light” value, but then change the angle from which you see it, and all of the sudden it turns dark.   (…and super hard to photograph)

I’ve taken a self-imposed hiatus from painting/creating/social media, to get reconnected.  (Hah!  …disconnecting to reconnect…)

Reconnect with myself, my needs, my wants, my bucket list, and what to explore next.   I have a tendency to do that as the New Year starts.

It’s now time to restart.
This is one painted in the end of 2016, and currently on display at Abend Gallery.  Appropriate as there’s a new light dawning on a new day.  Stay tuned!

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Finally getting into the Holiday spirit

Gift of Copper, Gift of Silver, Gift of Gold

each is 5″ x 5″
mixed media on copper leaf, silver leaf and gold leaf

I’m finally getting into the Holiday Spirit.

I see so much commercialism, all about the:

sale, sale, sale!
hurry, hurry, hurry!
get this!
must have that!
lights. lights, lights!
more, more, more!
bigger, bigger, biggest!
better, better, bestest!

Blech.  I am so grateful for all the gifts I already have.
I love to give and share, but the commercials are relentless.  (Wait a sec, weren’t we just saying this about election commercials?)

Anyway, I getting into the spirit of celebrating the gift of giving with all 3 of this short series.

Find these and others at the 26th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show at Abend Gallery in Denver through 2016!


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“Gift of Gold” for the Holiday Miniatures Show


Gift of Gold
5″ x 5″
mixed media on gold leaf panel
©Tracy Wall

Join us for the 26th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show at Abend Gallery opening on Friday, Dec 2nd, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

I have 9 pieces  in this show along with hundreds of other pieces by some of the region’s most wonderful artists!  (I’ll post more of mine here in the coming weeks.)  The show will be up through the end of the year.

Always a good exhibit with gift ideas for all interests.

Come join the fun!


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“Adirondacks in Summer”


Adirondacks in Summer
10″ x 10″
oil on panel

Guess I better post this before the snow starts to fly.
A salute to the warm sunny breezes of summer!

(BTW, I just love the intertwining shapes of the chairs and the cast shadows!)

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Unleashing and “Laws of Motion” detail


Detail of Laws of Motion (see previous post)

Just wanted to add a few thoughts to this piece from the previous post…

Working with my 2016 Word-of-the-Year in mind,  I’m “unleashing” certain things that need to be let go. (Ok, since this is a horse, it’s my way of loosening the reins.)

Sometimes you can get into such a groove in how you do something, that it starts to become a rut.  You finally found a way of doing things that works, then you find it becomes limiting when used exclusively. 

The older I get, the harder it is to try new things and new ways. So I’ve been trying to mix things up everyday in little ways to get used to trying new things.  Non-challenging new things to get into the habit of trying new or different.  New brands, new places, new trails, new routes, new haircut, new foods, etc. And I’m having more fun! 

Here’s how it relates to my painting on this one:

New color palette for me; I like it!  Usually my work is filled with oranges, reds and greens.  I limited this one to a few blues and a scant places of warm golden scattered around.  

-Notice the background: I’ve been wanting to start incorporating abstract shapes into my work.   Here’s a way I’ve done this without losing the integrity of the main subject: interesting shapes and tones, but not overpowering. 

-Also wanting to use lines (as apposed to all shapes) in my work. Again, it adds another level of interest and movement to the piece.  Note the gold circles in the background.  I like ’em.  Stay tuned for more like this including lines from gesture drawings.

I’m having more fun!  Lowering my expectations, just relax and having fun with it..
Perhaps a “new leash” on my painting life.  : )

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“Laws of Motion” and Art for Horses

WallTracy_LawsofMotion_18x24_1250 FINAL smcopy

Laws of Motion
18″ x 24″
oil on canvas
©Tracy Wall

I am both honored and delighted to be part of Art for Horses 2016, an exhibit and sale benefiting two horse rescues here in Colorado.

From their website:

Art for Horses features equine art–paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography–by nationally recognized artists working in a variety of styles from traditional to experimental and abstract.

This is a valuable, well-respected show for artists and patrons and the show earns funds to benefit two Colorado horse rescues:

Drifter’s Hearts of Hope
Empowering children with special needs to rescue horses one cookie at a time.

The Horse Protection League
Dedicated to the rescue, care, and welfare of equines and to empowering people and horses to help each other.

Join us for the Opening Night Reception. Greet the artists, enjoy drinks, delicious food, and the first opportunity to purchase art and acquire beautiful silent auction items – all to support the art community and the hard-working horse rescues beneficiaries. It’s a beautiful way to help horses!

Where:  PACE Center in Parker Colorado (20000 Pikes Peak Ave, Parker, CO 80138)
When:  September 10-October 30, 2016

Ticketed Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15th at 5:30pm
Dinner, Drinks, Silent Auction ~~ $100 per person
Purchase tickets here! or call 303-805-6800


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