Unleashing and “Laws of Motion” detail


Detail of Laws of Motion (see previous post)

Just wanted to add a few thoughts to this piece from the previous post…

Working with my 2016 Word-of-the-Year in mind,  I’m “unleashing” certain things that need to be let go. (Ok, since this is a horse, it’s my way of loosening the reins.)

Sometimes you can get into such a groove in how you do something, that it starts to become a rut.  You finally found a way of doing things that works, then you find it becomes limiting when used exclusively. 

The older I get, the harder it is to try new things and new ways. So I’ve been trying to mix things up everyday in little ways to get used to trying new things.  Non-challenging new things to get into the habit of trying new or different.  New brands, new places, new trails, new routes, new haircut, new foods, etc. And I’m having more fun! 

Here’s how it relates to my painting on this one:

New color palette for me; I like it!  Usually my work is filled with oranges, reds and greens.  I limited this one to a few blues and a scant places of warm golden scattered around.  

-Notice the background: I’ve been wanting to start incorporating abstract shapes into my work.   Here’s a way I’ve done this without losing the integrity of the main subject: interesting shapes and tones, but not overpowering. 

-Also wanting to use lines (as apposed to all shapes) in my work. Again, it adds another level of interest and movement to the piece.  Note the gold circles in the background.  I like ’em.  Stay tuned for more like this including lines from gesture drawings.

I’m having more fun!  Lowering my expectations, just relax and having fun with it..
Perhaps a “new leash” on my painting life.  : )

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