Detail of “Where in the Bowl Are You?” and Creating an Exhibit

detail (Where in the Bowl are You?_(c)TWall

Detail from “Where in the Bowl are You?”
30″ x 30″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©Tracy Wall

Creating a solo exhibit has been a new challenge for me.
What to paint, what to paint?  I have so many different subjects I find compelling, how do I narrow down?  Who or what would I omit?

While I like to have a theme to the show, the space I’ll be filling is gargantuan.  It can be hard to step back, and objectively look at your own work and determine commonalities.  I don’t want to limit myself .  So I am including all sorts of work: still life, figures and landscapes.

I like to believe that it is not the only subject matter that characterizes my work.  I like to think that my compositions and the style/manner of laying down of paint are common threads that tie my work together.  That’s why my subject matter is all over the board for this.

If I had to find a category that all these pieces fall into, I’d say I chose subjects that are all meaningful and important to me.  Not to step on the toes of Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp, but these works will focus on my favorite things.

Here’s a close-up detail from a new painting.  More about this piece next post, but what’s not to love about cereal?
: )

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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