Happy New Year 2014!

IMG_0725 copy combo w of hogback copy 2

Ok, a few days late, but the sentiment is the same: Happy New Year!!

For me, the first day of the year has always been a day of reflection. Took some time today IMG_0702 - Copyto get a glimpse of the big picture with the pooches.

(Not sure I’ve introduced you to “the girls” here.  Adopted them though the Colorado Beagle Rescue a few months ago. More on them in another post.)

I’ve got things stirring: I’ve been pondering my 2014 Word of the Year. I missed choosing a word last year, just didn’t feel compelled to come up with anything.  Nothing firmed up yet for this year, but ideas are brewing.

I’ll let you get on with your weekend, and wish you all the best for the start of what I believe to be a spectacular 2014!


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year 2014!

  1. pattiewall says:

    ‘Word’ – you will come up with one…maybe ‘kind’ or ‘generous’ – takes a big heart to adopt…glad you did, they are just too cute in this photo – the background is stunning and their looking towards – the future with YOU! Happy 2014! Paint on!

  2. Tracy Wall says:

    Thanks Pattie! DItto back to you; you’re rockin’it w/ your daily’s!!

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