All “Wrapped Up in Blue and Green”


Wrapped Up in Blue and Green
12″ x 9″
oil on panel
©2013 Tracy Wall

So I’ve been absent for a bit, huh?

I’ve actually been working pretty hard getting some commissions and shows set up, so I feel like  I’ve been non-stop busy.  It’s only been about a week that I feel like I’ve actually had a chance to breathe and paint for myself.

cool wrapping paper

cool wrapping paper

So I fall back on what’s familiar to take a leap into something new.  More about the new soon enough, first let me get my and your feet back on the ground and show you what I’ve been up to recently.

One of the first times I feel like I’ve had a chance to “play” in paint while painting at Abend Gallery today, here I go to a usual subject (a grazing horse).  But add to that a little challenge: I also found some wrapping paper that had a lovely blue and green color scheme to it.  So I combine the two, and above is the result.

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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