“Looking Down on the Blues”

Looking Down on the Blues, ©2013 Tracy Wall

Looking Down on the Blues
16″ x 12″
oil on canvas panel
©2013 Tracy Wall

This month has been one of regrouping.  Yes I’ve been painting, but mostly my bedroom walls.

The past six months has been a non-stop painting frenzy for me.  Now it’s been a time to step away, rethink where I’m going, and get myself put together.

I’ve  done very little creating and turned my focus on getting my myself organized: got a physical (all systems “go!”), get bank accounts organized, create better systems of recording my finances, trash the accumulated junk, send the usable stuff to charitable organizations that could use them, and get rid of the clutter (the toughest of all for me!).

Cleaning, clearing, freshen up for the start of a new spring!  (ok, it’s still snowing a few times a week here in Denver, but it’s the concept of Spring I get excited about.

As I’m rounding the last turn and heading towards the finish line, I’m getting psyched to start painting again.  Here’s another one in the series of horse cast shadows ( a little larger) that I did last month. Still want to experiment more with these.  Putting it on ‘the list’!

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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