“Learned by Heart” for Children’s Hospital Colorado (w/ image)

"Learned by Heart", ©2012 Tracy Wall

Learned by Heart
40″ x 40″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©2012 Tracy Wall

This large, newly completed commission painting will hang at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  I am both proud and honored to be invited to display at this wonderful hospital.

Children’s Hospital Colorado not only uses the latest in medical technology to heal their young patients, but also recognizes that the patient’s environment aids in the healing process…

“Kids need colorful and spacious places to play, dream and grow. Kids also need a special place to get better—a place where light, color and fun help them heal faster.

We invite you to explore our healing hospital—a world-class pediatric facility where the art and science of healing kids have been taken to a new level.”   — from CHC Virtual Tour website

Designed for the 3rd floor (represented by a frog) and housing the CHC Heart Institute, I created this painting of a familiar word game using cardiac-related words played by a few lovable red-eyed green tree frogs.

Can you find four places you could place the word “heart” into the existing words on the board?
What other words could you also/instead create?
How can you NOT smile when you see these colorful frogs in competitive play?

My goal was to reinforce positive thoughts of healing in a playful environment. As long as you can find a way to add heart to your day, the possibilities are endless.  :)

(I’ll include close-up pics of the individual frogs next post)

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to “Learned by Heart” for Children’s Hospital Colorado (w/ image)

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME! Yes, I found all 4. Great idea, it’s so playful and fun. Plus I love that you have the word “wall” in there too. :-) A permanent remembrance of a doctor I know named “Wall”.

  2. Tracy Wall says:

    Very well said, Anon. Yes, the object of the game was definitely that playful fun feeling…. almost folk-art.

    And the reference to THE Dr. Wall? Simply perfect. Thanks for pointing it out!! :)

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