“Shadows on Lookout Mt”

Shadows on Lookout, ©2012 Tracy Wall

Shadows on Lookout Mt
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
©2012 Tracy Wall

I’ve been painting plein air (i.e. a style of painting produced outdoors in natural light) creating works to hopefully be accepted to an exhibit coming up in November.  For the next few posts, I’ll be showing them here.

I joined a number of other artists a few weeks ago to paint up on Lookout Mountain just west of Denver.  It was late in the day and those tree shadows caught my eye with the repetition of those long dark lines.

Fall is approaching which means the shadows get even longer.  That’s just one of the reasons fall is my favorite season.
(ok, NFL starts too Go Pack Go!)


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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