Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective

Yves Saint Laurent, Black velvet sheath dress, “Paris rose” satin bow, “Paris” haute couture collection, Fall–Winter 1983. © Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, Paris. Photo by Gilles Tapie.

Nothing like a little inspiration….
Stopped by this retrospective exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and so thoroughly enjoyed it!

The creative process is the creative process no matter the medium, and designing clothes is no exception.  Traveling only to Paris, Madrid, and Denver, this rare retrospective gives us insight as to his process.

How interesting it was to learn about him struggling with some of the same issues of design, breaking new ground, and innovation vs acceptance.

It’s only around Denver for a few more days (sorry for the late notice; I didn’t know!).  They’ve expanded their hours, so get your tickets while you can!


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