“Figure Studies #5 and #6” from Sedona Workshop

Figure Study #5 Sedona, ©2012 Tracy Wall                Figure Study #6 Sedona, ©2012 Tracy Wall

Figure Study #5                                                  Figure Study #6
oil on canvas                                                        oil on panel
20″ x 16″                                                             12″ x 9″
©2012 Tracy Wall                                                 ©2012 Tracy Wall

Sorry for the short hiatus – went on a road trip to Sedona, AZ USA.  Took a fabulous workshop from painter David Shevlino at the Sedona Arts Center.

This workshop focused on figure work completed within 1/2 day or a whole day — alla prima.  It was good for me to delve in deeper to search for nuances of value, tone, and temperature under the instruction of a master.

The class was fantastic and David was so generous with his time, expertise and feedback.  Sedona was a fabulous backdrop for it all with a picture perfect postcard view on every corner.  (And yes, you’ll probably be seeing some landscapes soon…)

I’ve never been roaming down in the southwest US too much before, so the drive down and back were amazing as well.  The western Rockies (ok, been there), Canyonlands, Arches, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, and Painted Desert amongst the amazing terrain of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico made the whole week just the adventure I was looking for!

Back to regular life. (That’s not so bad either!)  :)


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to “Figure Studies #5 and #6” from Sedona Workshop

  1. harga laptop says:

    oh my God …. this is really great picture, totally awesome. two thumbs up!!

  2. joy schultz says:

    really beautiful, Miss Tracy. Love the colors and composition

  3. Tracy Wall says:

    Thanks Joy; we had a fantastic model to work with all week!

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