“Cow Study #8” and trying acrylics

Cow Study #8, ©2012 Tracy Wall

Cow Study #8  (sold)
6″ x 6″
acrylic on panel
©2012 Tracy Wall

Sometimes it happenes where I don’t quite have enough time to do what I want or need to do.  I may actually run just a little late. (oh my!  what a surprise!)  ;)

In the art world, when deadlines loom, running late in production can be an exhibit killer.  Sometimes I get the work done, but just wait for the oil paint to dry (at least to the touch).  This is where acrylic paint comes it.

Acrylic paint dries much quicker than oil paint.  Although you usually can’t intermix the two, each medium has it’s advantages.

Quick drying time (sometimes in less than an hour depending on how thick or thin I apply it)  can be ideal when I’m running behind, or if I want to use multi-layers of paint on a piece.  Quick drying time can be problematic if I like to push and pull and manipulate the paint while it’s till wet (which I like to do).

As is what happened a few weeks ago: I needed work quickly, so I decided to be adventurous and try my hand in acrylics.  I had to revamp my process, but had fun!  There’s a partner to this one I’ll show next post.


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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