“Family of Four”

Family of Four ©2011 Tracy Wall

Family of Four
18″ x 24″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©2011 Tracy Wall

A big thank you to all those who attended the Taste of Lone Tree Food and Art Festival last weekend.  The weather was fantastically summery, and I was even able to finish a few small paintings during the course of the festival while chatting with folks strolling by.

I’ve been stuck on summer still by doing another flip flop painting.  I really had fun with this one just emphasizing simple shapes.  I was so drawn to the variety of all the different shadows by each pair’s set of straps.

I like comparing the form shadows (part of subjects not in the direct light like the sides of the flip flops) to the cast shadows (the shapes created by the straps and sandals blocking the sun).  Ah the science of light!


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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  1. Jana says:

    Great colors, interesting shadows.

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