“Lemons 2” and it’s all yellow’s fault

Lemons 2  (sold)
8″ x 6″
oil on panel
©2011 Tracy Wall

Man oh man did I struggle with this one.  <whew>  I’m still unsure of it.  I’ve narrowed down the issues to a) not the strongest composition and b) little experience working with predominantly yellow subjects.

With the light source coming down pretty much straight from the top, these lemon wedge forms get a little lost to me.  I had trouble distinguishing the surface values.  I’m also not sure the semi-transparency truly comes through with these yellows.  So I worked it and worked it and tried different strategies and over-worked it some more until I think I’ve beaten it to death.   (though I still love how the cool pointy ends of a lemon show in the cast shadow!)

One of the lessons I seem to struggle with (in painting and in life) is to know when to cut my losses, learn the lesson, and move on.  So for this little one, I’m cutting, learning, and moving.  I’ll blame it on the yellow.  :)


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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2 Responses to “Lemons 2” and it’s all yellow’s fault

  1. Vanessa says:

    It looks good Tracy! I definitely like the blue against the yellow. I think all artists have these experiences though we never want to of course. I have quite a few pieces that make me say “this really isn’t up to par”, but like you said, perhaps those are the pieces we learn the most from.

    • Tracy says:

      Thanks for the support Vanessa!
      You’re right, we learn the most from our challenges. Although we often need to face what’s difficult, I’ll most likely be changing fruit to something not yellow, and definitely a little sweeter!

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