“Trading Places” and Art Competition Needs your Vote!

Trading Places (#6441)
12″ x 24″
oil on canvas
©2010 Tracy Wall

Now that political elections are done, you thought you’ve heard the last plea for your vote, right?  <loud buzzer>  WRONG!

Artwork Network in Denver is holding an on-line art competition ‘Art with a Story‘, and they need your opinion!

Artists were asked to provide art as well as the story behind the work: the motivation, the inspiration, however you need to phrase it.  Then, between November 4 – 24, the viewing public is being asked to vote for three awards: Best Art and Story, Best Art, and Best Story.

Each piece will be showcased in an online gallery, where thousands of people AND a jury of art critics will vote on the artwork and the story they like best.

The winners from the critics’ as well as the public vote will be showcased in the Artwork Network gallery in Denver, CO during the month of January.

All entrants are posted for viewing at:  http://artworknetwork.com/juriedshow/?page_id=entries
Take a look, there’s over 80 images.  Find the ones that spark your interest and “click details” to read the words behind the work.  Then you can choose which to vote for.  Don’t forget to include which category (or categories) you’d like your vote to count towards: “Best Art”, “Best Story”, “Best Art/Story Combination”

Votes may be submitted through the Artwork Network website or emailed to vote@artworknetwork.com.  Emailed votes must contain the title of the piece to be counted as well as the name and email address of the voter.  There are three categories a person may vote on: “Best Art”, “Best Story”, “Best Art/Story Combination”.  You may vote on one or all three of these categories.

Now, as with any campaign, it’s not my place to tell you which candidate you should vote for.  Just be sure to vote for what stirs you the most!

Above you see the painting I submitted (#6441), and below you can read the story behind it.  It’s an experience told to me by my mom.  Thanks to Mom for relaying it to me, thanks to Kim for recalling it, and thanks to David for doing it.  :)

Trading Places

It’s the wee hours of the morning.

David comes home late after an evening out with friends.  He decides to peruse the sports section of the newspaper and watch a little TV before heading upstairs to bed.  He gets comfortable the only place that’s spacious enough for the newspaper and his long legs: the thick plush rug on the floor in front of the television.

Invariably, he falls asleep.

Patrick, the family’s Irish setter, naps in the foyer when he hears David return home.  He walks into the family room to greet David, gets a few scratches behind the ears, and then watches him settle in front of the television.  Knowing David’s attention would be elsewhere for a while, he relaxes the only place that’s comfortable to sprawl out: on the couch.

Invariably, he falls asleep.


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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