“Shadeless”, another art festival, and Thank you!

16″ x 12″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
© 2010 Tracy Wall

Three things….

First, a big thank you to all those who took part in the Art for Life benefit (see last post).  It was a smashing success with over 125 artists, over 500 guests, and so far nearly $62,000 raised to benefit those in need served by Project Angel Heart. (enough to provide food for over 100,000 meals!)  I love being fortunate enough to take part in theses types of functions.  :)

Second, heads-up!  My last weekend art festival of the year (that I’m aware of) is this Fri-Sun on the south side of metro Denver.  Find details on the Greenwood Village Arts Festival here on my “Now Showing...” tab.

Third, I’ve been ss-strrrr-ruuu-u-u-ugg-g-g-ling to get a painting done that I like.  There’s been many “wipe aways” since my last post, but this is one I can live with.  Hard for me to get the idea of naked branches without making every single twig, but like the gestural quality as well as some lost/found edges.  (Again, click once, then again to see it up close and personal.)


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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