Opening Day 2010

Opening Day 2010
6″ x 8″
oil on panel
(c) 2010 Tracy Wall

There’s just nothing like Opening Day of a new baseball season.  My two teams play each other this Opening Day with the Colorado Rockies visiting the Milwaukee Brewers.  (Could they tie?)  The Rockies are expecting a bang-up season, so maybe the Brewers might need the win more.  (Hard to talk about needing a win when it’s only day 1.)

The hat is a remnant from the Denver Zephyrs, a triple-A team from 1985 – 1992, that was the farm club for the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers.  The last  triple-A team before the arrival of the Rockies, I’ve just kept it around all these years.  the baseball may even be older.

It’s so fitting it happens in spring.  All teams and fans are so hopeful.  It’s a time to rise up, to come to light, to begin to appear.  A time for growth, for progress, to emerge into what you may become with renewed energy.  Everyone can use a shot of that.

Then again, it also takes you back to being a kid when things just didn’t seem that complicated.  Check out this cartoon by Drew Litton, my favorite sports cartoonist now on

Swing, batter, batter, SWING!


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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2 Responses to Opening Day 2010

  1. Pattie Wall says:

    A true walk down memory lane, thanks Tracy! And Happy Birthday! Best wishes for a fantastic year ahead! Love the gesture paintings and this great homage to Colorado baseball!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks Pattie. Baseball always seems a little more nostalgic than other professional sports. And yes, working on making this my best year ever!

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