Why So Small?

Sometimes you need eyes from the outside to give a different perspective.    A friend I trust looked at my blog, and the first thing he said about the work was, “Why so small?”

I began doing small works (usually 8″x10″ or smaller) when I started this blog back in July ’07.  It kept the length of time from start to completion within reason to keep new works flowing here and to jump start my own creative growth.  Perhaps it’s time to spread my wings a bit.  I’ll still continue to do small studies, but I’m also determined start working larger again.  So, I am taking action.

This size was fun to do, but it took me much longer to get to a point where I thought I could call it finished.  I’m not sure if that was because of the composition or if it had anything to do with the size.  Time will tell the more I do.  Used bigger brushes; larger swashes of paint; not so much detail.  I liked the challenge in the change of size..  Perhaps I was getting in a rut and didn’t even realize it.    (Thanks Gary!)

“Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only standing still.”  –Chinese proverb

Gossip Girls
15″x 30″
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas



About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to Why So Small?

  1. coralreefpainter says:

    You go Girl! as they say. I’ve been painting a little larger myself, a good change from 8X10’s. A (little) painting a day, and big ones taking a week or more.

    I don’t know how people paint real little, say 4X4.

    Nice horses, very peaceful.

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks Melissa; it is invigorating to stretch yourself a bit.

  3. Pattie Wall says:

    Like it Tracy! Just heard a talk at a meeting by a gallery owner who says – “Make Em BIG!!” A lot of what he sells are the big ones! Your horses are lovely!

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