Thanks to the Troops

— My camera is on the fritz, so no images today. —

In the meantime, here’s a chance to do something nice for those who deserve it……  (Thanks Bill for sending this my way!)

(I’ve checked this out on Snopes and it is true — Xerox has been doing this since 2006.)

If you go to this website, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these?
Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to
know we are behind them.

This takes just 10 seconds and it’s a wonderful way to say thank you.
Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to
do. We can never say enough thank you’s.

Thanks for taking to time to support our military!


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6 Responses to Thanks to the Troops

  1. Melissa says:

    If I were to recieve one of those, I’d treat it as spam. Nothing personal? Ten seconds? I know someone who’s been there, and their internet time is precious. Do you recieve long, slow to download cards from people who feel obligated, but you’re just a bother becaue you’re a poor relative?

    I got some in the past, but didn’t anwer, or download. Ten seconds. That’s not really an effort or much of a thankyou.

    Xerox probably uses this for the charity they are required to donate to. It’s probably part of their advertising department.

    I did see a site the other day about real service men you can write to. But you have to actually compose a note or letter. I’ll go look for it.

    Melissa the cynic.

  2. Melissa says:

    Tracy, your bog is #2 on the top of the list on:
    Scroll down to blogs and sites, on the left column.

    OK, here are some places:

    (A project begun by a teenager. What to write??? Sample letters provided)

    (This one is varied in what they do, not only thank you, but projects like sending school supply packets to kids)

    (for the families)

    (A huge singles directory that includes Military)

    OK. Melissa, still a grouch. Maybe because I have the house to renovate. Renting is so easy, you just move out!!!!! lol

  3. Bim says:

    What a lovely thought! The cards are priceless. Thank you for sending us this link.

  4. Bim says:

    PS… forgot to sign my blog….

    Bim, the optimist.

  5. Tracy says:

    Thanks Melissa for reminding us that sometimes things may not be what they seem. However, I beg to differ with you on this one. Here’s what I know:
    – The cards are not slow to download, because they are printed postcards, not sent via e-mail. The recipient holds the actual card in their hand.
    – The image on the front side of the postcard is a drawing done by an elementary school child from somewhere in the US depicting their thoughts and ideas on patriotism and the troops. As a former art teacher, I know these national contests for childrens’ art exist.
    – Sure Xerox wants to look good, but I do not believe this is strictly a marketing ploy. They do not ask for my e-mail address nor a recipient’s e-mail address. (Granted, they can pull mine from visiting the site, but I have yet to receive increased spam or ads from Xerox since I sent my first card.)
    – I received this from an ex-Army guy active in promoting troop support.
    – If you like the idea but not the site, you can also go to the USO site for more options.
    Snopes gives a detailed description and a brief history, and also supports this site’s legitimacy.

    That said, you’re absolutely right that a hand written note can be perhaps more meaningful. In this day of electronic wizardry, we don’t often remember the personal touch of a letter. Thanks for offering such good options!

    Don’t forget, sometimes the glass can be half full!

  6. Melissa says:

    OK! Good, I was in the totally wrong impression, thinking one of those slowww downloading and usually not very good E-Cards.

    It’s an amazing and terrible thing that some humans are so warlike that all humans must defend themselves.

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