August Virtual Sketch Date

This month (August), I am taking part in a Virtual Sketch Date, a blog set up to administer a monthly “sketch date” for artists.

Once a month a group of artists agree to draw from the same reference image for a week.  At the end of the week, each artist posts their image on their own blog.  What a great way to spur a little action in those who may be dragging.

Be sure to check out the original photograph and the links to all the other cabbage creations at the Virtual Sketch Date blog.  Big thanks go out to Rose for organizing this month and Sherrie for providing the reference pic.  (What a handsome cabbage!)  Such fun to see everyone’s interpretation of the same image!

I decided to pull out the pastels for this quick draw.  Though they used to be my medium of choice, I haven’t done much with them for months. It was interesting to get back into the saddle of pastels.

There’s similarities between the two media, yet still world’s apart.  Differences are many, some of which are: in pastels I choose from a selection of colors, while in oil I create the colors.  With pastels I work with layers of colors, while in oils it’s difficult for me to have layers for there’s not enough time for first layer to dry.  My creative process gets tweaked a bit too in that with pastels, I’m more apt to draw with lines, while in oil I block out shapes more.  And not to mention that pastels go immediately from the hand to the pigment, while oils have the intermediary of the brush to tend to.

It’s interesting to cross-pollinate the techniques to create the effects I’m looking for.

(As usual, click image, then click again for a closer look.)



About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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13 Responses to August Virtual Sketch Date

  1. Rose Welty says:

    I think you may be the only pastel we have this month…really nice. I like how it came out.

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks Rose! (and thank you for setting things up!) I can’t wait to see how everyone else worked it.

  3. leslie says:

    Hi Tracy,
    I love what you have here.
    I am very partial to the cabbage ‘blue’ and you cought it perfectly!

  4. Jeanne Grant says:

    Very nice colors. I don’t know anything about pastel but I really like your version

  5. Jill says:

    What beautiful greens and blues! They look wonderful on that dark paper. And your comparison with oils is so interesting, I’m going to have to try pastels now!

  6. Melissa says:

    Hi, Tracy,

    Oooo, you’re not going to like what I’m about to say—

    Always at least put your name, and maybe a title, when putting an image into Cyberspace.

    I just want a large collection of artwork to view when I get tired, not to pirate or profit from. I always type in the artist’s name.

    Now that I’ve told you, I guess I must buy it! But, could you please do it over, in oils?

    Of my own work posted online, I make sure the resolution is poor, to discourage copying.

    Very nice cabbage! And thanks for that blog, I’ll go check it out.

  7. Gail says:

    Great pastel! I love the cool blues and greens.
    Thanks for the view.

  8. Stacy Rowan says:

    Tracy, I don’t know much about pastels, but I know I like your cabbage. Your strokes are expressive, the colors look great and I like seeing the dark ground peeking through. Well done.

  9. CathyG says:

    I really like your cabbage too – the lively linework and colours, it looks like it’s bursting with life and growth.

  10. paintinglady says:

    I dabble with pastels occasionally and I admit I DO block in at the beginning like with oils, then I tend to draw on top, blending the colours as I go.

    Anyhoo, what I really want to say is how lovely this is, of course!

  11. Tracy says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

  12. Vivienne says:

    I love your pastel drawing too, Tracy. The marks are free and expressive and the colours so subtle, varied, expressive too. Great cabbage!

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