Conventional Grazing

News in Denver is all about the hosting of the Democratic National Convention.

One thing I like about any type of convention is that they promote such a camaraderie.  You may like/dislike the group or agree/disagree, but I enjoy seeing the banding and “team spirit”.  Of course along with the cheerleaders comes the gangs of protesters.  Although relatively minimal in the big scheme of things, there’s been a few scuffles with the law.  Whatever their cause, there must be a more effective way to express it.

Aside from the political rhetoric, you need to take time away to get to what is really important: horses grazing in a field!  I’m working on a more painterly approach; less detail but still getting the gist.

As usual click twice for a closer look.

Conventional Grazing
oil on canvas


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to Conventional Grazing

  1. Melissa says:

    That’s a powerful image. Well done! Do a series. Great diagonal, good ‘notan’.

    If I may get political, are there any Democrats wealthy enough to support such a field and horses?

  2. Bim says:

    I love this! :)

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Bim!

    Melissa – Thank you too! For me, composition is the number one thing I conquer before starting a painting (though I don’t map out notan exactly). And yes, there are puh-lenty of very wealthy democrats that could support far more than what you see here. And I think they’re all here in Denver right now (but where’s George Clooney and that Colorado ranch he could buy me?).

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