The heat is on.

It’s been hot.
100+ degrees.
I now live in the basement. Hopefully this will be the heat peak of the summer. Relief supposed to arrive in a few days.

I’m trying to stay with my commitment to flex my landscape muscles, and do more landscape paintings. When I go out hiking in the foothills and mountains in Colorado (higher altitude = cooler temperatures!), I’m so enamored with what I see; I just have to find a way to put that in paint.

Although I’m not overwhelmed with the results of these little paintings, there’s aspects that get more attractive to me each time. On this one (and if you click on the picture then click again, you can see it a little closer up) I started with a reddish purple underpainting. Still peaks through in some places, and I like that. With each painting, I learn more. (what a concept!)

Wherever you are, stay cool. (both chilled and hip)

Trail Study #9  (sold)
oil on panel




About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to The heat is on.

  1. Hello Tracy,

    I just read your About Tracy page and was struck by the fact that I am now in the same place you were a few years ago. I am now 10 years into teaching and though and not so excited about it anymore, though liking the security of the job and paycheck. I too often have very little time or energy for my own art and barely feel like an “artist” anymore. I am also looking for a potential change of career that would give me more flexibility and time to explore my art again.

    It is inspiring to find your blog. I am in Cororado this summer enjoying the healthier life style of cycling and hiking.

  2. Con says:

    Hey, I like the cool purple and the shady spots in the trees. Even in the mountains we are seeking the coolness of our basement at midday these days. Perhaps you could paint us a cooling rain.

  3. Tracy says:

    River – Hang in there; for me that burning ember just couldn’t die. I was able to take a temporary leave for one year to test the waters, but also had another business to help with finances. I am happier for it. I’ve also become a believer in making time in the smallest of spans (i.e. 10 mins here, 15 mins there. It all adds up!) Also, goals help me put aims into perspective. Best wishes in your adventure; keep in touch! And enjoy your time in Colorado!!

    Con – thanks! I just love the blips of unexpected color. The rains appear to be here (Tuesday).

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