Two Apples

It’s Memorial Day here in the US, a day to remember those who have died while serving our country. Please take a moment to back away from the barbecue and pay respect those who lost their lives.  Try 3:00 local time for a Moment of Remembrance.

Lately I’ve been painting more; smaller pieces mostly to build my painting muscles. No, I haven’t been keeping to an hour like I spoke about previously, but not spending forever on a piece continually nit-picking details either.

Just working through straight to the core of what the painting is all about. Been stuck on apples lately.

Two Apples (sold)
oil on panel
©2008 Tracy Wall

Two Apples (c)TracyWall


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to Two Apples

  1. palletteersofstcroix says:

    Straight to the core of a dented orange apple!! I love it!


  2. Con Daily says:

    As always, your colorful shadows appeal to me. Your apples look like a fine snack. Are you going to paint the cores after you eat?

  3. Tracy says:

    Melissa and Con, Thanks!
    Actually, I like the near edge of the plate the best!
    And, you’re right Con, I should paint some of these apples afeter a few bites. I guess that means I better get some fresher ones!

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