Art and American Idol

Ok, I admit it.
I’m hooked on American Idol.

It’s winding down to it’s last three contestants. Not only do I enjoy the singing, but part of the draw for me is that it’s possible to see everyday people take the spotlight and show their stuff. It’s also not just about having the pipes to sing, but about having the creative chops to perform the songs your way (aka like Frank Sinatra might).

Being an artist in search of my own creative chops, this process is so interesting to me, even though the medium is music. Barney Davey, from his art/business blog, Art Print Issues, spoke about this back in April, and it’s remained on my mind ever since. (especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

The gist is that the advice the judges give the candidates can be extrapolated to the visual arts.
— Be original and make it your own
— Make good choices meaningful to you
— Presentation is crucial

Read all the juicy details in the post Art Marketing Lessons from American Idol on Barney Davey’s blog, Art Print Issues.

In the meantime, I continue to paint away just trying to rock the house, avoid being pitchy and make it my own. Here’s the last from the previous flower series.

oil on canvas



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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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5 Responses to Art and American Idol

  1. Jeanette says:

    Tracy, I watched my very first episode of American Idol last week. I was coerced into it as I was staying at a friend’s house. I can’t say it did anything for me one way or the other, but I sat through it. I don’t watch much television so always feel out of the loop when people talk about shows.

    However, I agree with your comments about how their advice moves easily over to the world of visual art. I think these are the tricks for any one in any creative field.

  2. Tracy says:

    I hope you enjoyed the episode! Artists are artists, no matter the medium. although that’s where presentation differs.

  3. palletteersofstcroix says:

    There’s a huge spat going on in the ‘art’ world. A fellow from South America went to some slums, picked up a starving puppy, and tied it somewhere to finish starving. Everyone is screaming at him, all the while back in the slum, the littermates also starved, in obsurity, as well as who knows how many other animals. There’s an online petition to ban the man from a national art show, with a million+ signatures. I think he should definitely be included! I told the protesting people to go look at pretty paintings of flowers, and then be careful to not drive through the poor part of the city.

    This has made me think of Art as Communication. They say “Rap Artist” don’t they, haha. (Disclaimer/defense: I don’t particularly enjoy Rap) Hmm, apple in a plate, good composition, I really like the warm bit.

    Oh, my I’m logged in as the plein air group I paint with! I’m just starting a blog for them. My name’s Melissa E. Keyes! lol

    And I don’t have a TV.

    So, yes, good strong composition there, Tracy!

  4. Tracy says:

    Melissa, you’re everywhere!

  5. Barney Davey says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Nice blog! Love the paintings. Thanks for picking up my post on art marketing lessons from American Idol. The orginal spawned quite bit of attention even before you posted abou it, which prompte Katherine Tyrrel’s posts today. The main point I think is artists’ work must first resonate within themselves and then with their audience. When that vibe is real, good things happen.

    All the best!


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