Political Primary ?s

With all the hullabaloos and “firsts” about the presidential primaries this year (and rightly so, they’re truly remarkable this year), two questions keep coming to mind:

Why are they so early?  (c’mon, 7 1/2 months before the convention?)

Why can’t the primaries be all the same day across the country?

Anyone with answers?  Please enlighten me!

In the meantime, a little still life with remnants from my garden.  (The pumpkin; I don’t think a lemon tree would grow in Colorado.)

Lemon Pumpkin (sold)
oil on panel

Pumpkin and Lemon

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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7 Responses to Political Primary ?s

  1. Melissa says:

    Politics? Haha, you must have been watching CNN. I don’t know much. I don’t have a TV, but am considering one, more expense for the cable or satellite! I’d never be away from the TV if they had any decent art shows! And lots of them.

    I once saw a little movie about Alexander Calder when he was in college, at art student parties. He’d create marvelous contraptions to entertain everyone that were a circus! Wonderful!!

    And that got me thinking about how isolated we artists are as, as, ??, old people, adults, producing artists, whatever. I went to a high school football game when I was just one year out of HS, I felt ancient! And I was only one year out of school, into college.

    In Art college, we art students kept in close company with each other. Perhaps because we could talk about our teachers and classes. Right now I’m missing those days. Now I’m out in the World where artists are the extreme minority, and viewed with suspicion, unless we’re making lots of MONEY from our art. That’s how They judge us, yet They don’t ever buy art! hahahahaha!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh! The painting! Is that a pie pumpkin? Usually you see the county fair 300 pound pumkins, or, oops, the winners are up over a thousand pounds now, aren’t they?

    May I say I wish the background didn’t show up as dark grey? But then that’s just me, I’m trying to lighten up my paintings.

    OK, there’s no way to click “How to buy” Have you seen Karen Jurassic’s blog? No, that’s not her name. Jurick. She’s astoundingly prolific! Nearly every day she does a painting, and posts it for sale before it’s dry! How does she do that??? I’m still trying to finish one fish! But I guess I’m a beginner. I always think painting, but you can only paint if you paint.

    Ah, here she is, one of my new ‘people to admire’ How does she do it?


    OK, I’m just rambling instead of commenting on YOUR work, Tracy! And here I have a keyboard under my fingers instead of a brush in my hand! Maybe you can soon say, “Click here to bid” !!! Me too! Yay for us! OK, to go paint..

    Cheers, Melissa

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the comments Melissa!

    I agree, artists tend to be a solitary bunch. Maybe that’s why so many enjoy the internet!

    Yes, it is a small baking pumpkin, though I’ve yet to make a pie. I just like the little ones! The background is actually a navy blue, betting darker as you move up and right. My photography is not the most scientific, so colors may be askew. (Also may depend on your monitor.)

    I am familiar with Karin Jurick’s blog. Although all of my work is available for purchase, I don’t have anything on there about that. I guess my biggest aim when I started this blog was to get more are produced and put it out there. You’re right, I should put something up there about “How to Buy”. I doubt I’d go with E-Bay or anything, but I should still put it up there.

    Thanks for the insight!

  4. Con says:

    Too many cooks have spoiled the political broth! Primaries, caucuses, delegates, electoral votes, rules upon rules, and parties that will choose a candidate no matter what the people vote…. blah!

    I always love your pumpkin paintings. The colors in this one are quite nice, the blue background, the lemon surprise.

  5. liza myers says:

    There’s wonderful drama with those vibrant warm colors, and the mysterious dark background. Sort of like the political process these days. DRAMA!
    But no, the art is so much more palatable… or palletable?
    Politically this is an agonizing, but clear choice to me, but since we’re not going to be political on a blog the clarity will remain in my head.
    Hurrah for the challenge and simplicity of paint on a surface, and the liberty to create our own reality. Only in this nation.
    This painting is a sweet moment of celebration. Harvest, health and color.

  6. Puma Shoes says:

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  7. Tracy says:

    Thanks Liza.
    We do need to thank uour lucky constitution for the freedoms we have. Maybe let this be our guide when choosing candidates.

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