How come this always evokes negative connotations?

I’m often in search of art that may cause me to change: change a viewpoint, a perspective, an idea.  A while back my friend Joy introduced me to the works of artist and teacher Robert Burridge.  He said in a past newsletter……

Just Say Oops!
“My style is still developing after thirty years
of painting. Your style is where you are today and don’t be concerned about being true to any specific style, thereby forcing yourself to stay within that box forever. One of the greatest natural gifts you already have as a creative person is your ability to change your mind. 12 Cups of Joe -- R. BurridgeWhen something isn’t working out for you in your painting, change it!

Thomas Edison knows one thousand ways the light bulb does not work. It worked at one thousand and one. He didn’t give up. In painting, anyone who doesn’t change his mind… doesn’t have one. And please know, to be a better painter is about “risk-taking.” Risk-taking is failure prone; otherwise it would be called “sure-thing-taking.” Painting in a creative spirit mind is full of the mind ploy of “what if…” What if I change this? What if I make the grass red? What if I paint the ocean orange? If it does not work out, I just smile and say…oops!”


I’ve been trying to free myself up and take the risk of trying new things in my art.  Every now and again — i.e. next post — I’ll be posting here some experimental work (not for the rest of the world, but experimental for me).  Some may be interesting, some may be a fun fling, and some might be “Oooops”.  

Actually, this isn’t just about art.  No matter what the calling or direction you’d like to explore, why not give it a shot?  What’s an occasional “ooops” amongst friends?

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
— T. S. Eliot

Image: (c) Robert Burridge, 12 Cups of Joe



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  1. Sunny says:

    Tracy . . .love your comments & thinking. Dare to try . .nothing ventured, nothing gained . . . . . .aim so high you’ll never be bored . . if you don’t try, you’ll never know if you’ll like it . . .etc Applying that thinking to your art work makes perfect sense.

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