Buck Recreation Center

08 Buck 3The newest 2008 exhibit goes up!  At the Buck Recreation Center in Littleton CO, you’ll find my newest menagerie: Everything but the Kitchen Sink: a collection of work regarding things you might see in the kitchen. 

Works are displayed along a hallway and will be up through January 30th.  Stop by if you get the chance. 

08 Buck 2Douglas H. Buck Community Recreation Center
2004 W. Powers Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120

Monday-Friday             5 am-10 pm
Saturday/Sunday        6:30 am-7 pm

It’s interesting to me how seeing works in an exhibit offers a different perspective than when seen separately in the studio. 

When looking at this group all together, I notice how things recur.  I never consciously thought about how the combined show would look during the creative process, but when seen together I notice different things about them.  I might want to think about this in the painting stage. 

It’s good to see a collection of works framed, finished and someplace outside of my basement.  It helps me to see them as someone else might. 


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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4 Responses to Buck Recreation Center

  1. bim says:

    I agree! I never thought about the composition of hanging pieces from the perspective of the artist when producing those pieces.
    I hear about the shows but have never been able to get to Colorado for the actual event so it is refreshing to the “virtual show” on this blog. Thanks!

  2. Con says:

    Congrats on your latest show! It’s on my list to stop by if I get into that city this month.
    The art show forums have discussions on arrangement of work within a 10 x 10 foot booth space – where to place the most eye catching, colorful, largest, etc. When you display on a single wall I suppose you consider the angle of viewer as they walk the hall. I hope your paintings stop them in their tracks and cause them to collect your contact information.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Bim; that’s one of my goals for this blog. Also, too, it also depends on the space for the show. This show is in a long narrow hallway. That’s much different than my other exhibition space in a large, high-ceilinged wide-open eating space. Some works seen close-up (Rec Center) and some seen from a distance (Wild Oats).

    Thanks Con; it’s just a block east of downtown Littleton if you’re in the ‘hood. What art show forum are you talking about? Truthfully, the curator did most of the hanging here, though welcomed my input. As usual, I keep a pocket full of business cards in an 8×10 hanging with the show.

  4. Con says:

    Artshow_photo is one, another is artfestivalguide, both are yahoo groups. Another is the art fair sourcebook forum – http://artfairsourcebook.com/cgibin/gforum/gforum.cgi
    Some of the discussions are old, so you’ll have to do searches, but the topic comes up regularly.

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