Self Control

You know, sometimes I have so little self control. 

In looking for subjects for this kitchen series, I thought about what I like to eat.  (Thus the chips and salsa.)  I bought a large bag of M & M’s and began toying with a set up.   

Until they began to look delectable.   I ate all of my models.  And all of their relatives in the bag.  Leaving me so full I got out more chips and salsa to paint.

I have so little self control.  What’s your temptation?

Salsa Dip
oil on canvas

Salsa Dip


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to Self Control

  1. Melissa says:

    Why switch away from the chips and salsa? Pretty bowl, pretty colors. Lots of different angles possible.

    I have a neighbor who has a little doggie thats really cute. They don’t pay the dog much attention, and he follows me around sometimes. The big problem with this is that when I go down to the local pub for a little socialisation, the doggie slips in with me, and when I’m not looking, he drinks my beer and eats my food! I look, and my plate’s empty, and the barmaid is asking me if I want another.

    Maybe this little doggie has found you, I know he loves m&m’s!!

    All I get with oils is blobs of brustrokes. LOL! But then I am stuck and not painting hardly at all. Maybe an upcoming seminar will get me moving.

    Good work, Tracy! Keep them coming! And maybe you could lay out some m&m’s and spray them with fixatif so you couldn’t eat them with clear conscience. Or buy SO many bags that you can’t eat them all LOL!

  2. Con Daily says:

    Mine’s chocolate, just plain chocolate, no nuts, no candy coating, dark rich chocolate, melts in your hands and your mouth….
    Ripe cherry tomatos in mid winter from my greenhouse….
    Then there’s anything extra spicy, like your salsa, or my many bean chili…
    And what about this combination – cold wheat beer, slice of room temp cheddar, and a slice of sweet bread like pumpkin or banana. Sounds weird I know, but try it! A sip of beer, a bite of cheese, a bite of sweet bread, oh, my, nothing in the world compares…
    I’ve other temptations, too, non edible ones like books, orchids, more books….

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks, Melissa; I’m not sure about the fixatif. But maybe I could stick with the chip theme and venture out into nachos. I’m always game for a little cheese on top!

    Con, ooooh the cherry tomatoes sound good! Any I’ve grown in pot over the winter seem to be sweeter than ever! Beer and cheddar go together, but may need the sweet bread for a separate snack. Isn’t it funny how we find certain combos that work well for us!

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