Chips and Salsa

One of my favorite munchie, crunchie snacks is primarily chips and salsa.  So I tried to create just that: chips and salsa with primary colors only (and white).

Primarily Chips & Salsa (sold)
oil on panel

Primarily Chips & Salsa


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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6 Responses to Chips and Salsa

  1. Con Daily says:

    I think your voice is singing now! Shape, color, and it looks good enough to…um, eat. I love the blue light through the bowl.

  2. Melissa says:

    Terrific catch with the white accents in the salsa.

    Would the bowl stand out a more 3D with a hard edge around the rim? Hmmm. Or would one hard edge stand out too much?

    I sure wish I could do my painting with brush strokes. Perhaps that’s why I don’t do more painttings!

    Now I’m going to want C&S for days until I have some! Delicious painting!

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Con, I had a spare bit of salsa and the rest of the chips on the side to devour while I did this. Yes, the light from the blue drew me in to this set-up.

    Melissa, I like those reflections too! Makes me want to dip in. You work mostley in WC, so it’s harder to get strokes, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more chips…….

  4. tammy vitale says:

    Came nosing over from your comment on Alyson Stanfield’s blog – what a treat your site is! From this chips and salsa to the mug earlier – these are quite stunning. And I love that you are stretching into voice – I believe all the arts – all life – informs both ways. It’s always fun to see how others work that.

  5. Tracy says:

    Thanks Tammy! Inspiration sparks can come when you least expect them.

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