Voice Lessons

All the arts are related, right?  I’ve been working on my voice.

For a long time, I painted and drew because I liked to.  Never a real direction as to what I wanted to do or what I wanted “to say”.   Although I love to create pretty pictures, I had been looking to change things up a bit to make images my own.  Find my voice.

The past six months I started to hone where I wanted to go.  I’m drawn to high contrast with strong composition, throw in some vivid colors.  Less interest in subject and more in the composition.   

I was really charged about exploring these interests earlier this year by trying different viewpoints (up close, aerial, etc…) and more color, but seem to have ventured away from that recently.     Tobias Stairway

It wasn’t until I stumbled onto the photography website of my friend Eric Tobias that it clicked how I had strayed.  He’s got a great eye for composition with strong shapes and values.  His color photographs also have a richness about them as well. 

Tobias Round and Round

Turns out you can find a spur in unexpected places; thanks Eric.  Seeing the work of other artists can spark change in yourself. 

I may not make it to Hollywood in the next installment of American Idol, but I like to think my voice is getting clearer with every painting.  Stay tuned.

Images © Eric Tobias, Stairway and Round & Round

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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3 Responses to Voice Lessons

  1. Tracy, its been a delight to explore your site.

    I believe that we all spend time searching, experimenting and finding our voices. I think you’re close.

  2. Melissa says:

    Yes! always more to see, learn, always growth.

    In Art college, I loved the days when instead of class, one teacher would have a slideshow. He had hundreds and hundreds of slides of all paintings. Each was shown for, maybe five seconds. Then another and another. An hour, or sometimes two of paintings, so diverse! So enriching. No memorising names and dates.

    You might like Bruce Docker’s work, http://brucedocker.blogspot.com/

    I think he can be called a colorist!

    Looking foreward to your next work!

  3. Tracy says:

    Jeanette, thanks. As we know the search never stops!

    Melissa, it’s so true! What a great idea for your prof to do. Guess it also depends on the diversity he would choose. Yes, I would call bruce a colorist; broad simple shapes, lush color. Thanks for suggesting!

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