In the Nick of Time

I made my goal by about 30 minutes, or close enough to meet it “in the spirit in which it was made.”  My goal last Wednesday was to complete 3 small pieces by midnight Mt. time Sunday (tonight).  I’ve gotten two and 3/4 done.

I wanted to get a few new ones added to my “coffee” show at Wild Oates in Glendale.  I set up a still life with interesting backlit compositions.  Turns out the dark mug and all those shadows plus the dark coffee were too much.  Had to lighten it.  So I dumped the coffee and poured the milk. 

Here’s the first of 3 “Milk Mugs”.  This blue one was actually the 3rd that I did, but I really like it.  It just flowed off the brush so easily; practically painted itself!  I love it when it does that.

Milk Mug on Blue
oil on panel

Milk Mug on Blue

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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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4 Responses to In the Nick of Time

  1. Con Daily says:

    I love the color! I like the ‘morning light’ look with the deep shadows. Happy it went so well, nice for work to flow, isn’t it?

    What’s next? Eggnog? With a sprinkle of nutmeg? Or frothy hot milk like the coffeeshops whip up for lattes? When I make a homemade latte, I just whisk the hot milk. It might make an interesting painting for your series.

    Now you got me started! I have to go make a coffee!

  2. kkrullrobart says:

    Love the mugs, and am totally impressed with your commitment and ability to get 3 pieces and 2 blog entries done in a week. I need to learn some of that discipline. I like Con’s idea of eggnog with nutmeg – or my personal favorite: hot cocoa with a peppermint stick to stir it.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Con, Karen! I think I’m starting to recognize how I can tap into “the zone” a little more consistently. Ooooh, I like the cocoa/peppermint idea! Not only tasty, but good visuals, too. I also think there’s some wine in my artistic future!

  4. Well, how could you resist wine, when the color can be so beautiful? I’m very impressed by your motivation — I’m lucky to get down there once a week right now. Maybe it’ll be easier now that the big T-day dinner is over! In fact, maybe tomorrow a.m. I’ll sneak down, now that you’ve inspired me, too.

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