Not Really Slacking

Ok, I guess it’s not really slacking, but more about fear of change.  When I’m trying some new things (new media, new style, new technique, new subjects) being unsure of things, I all of the sudden get timid.  I suddenly find reason to clean the blinds, wipe shelves in the refrigerator, etc.  It’s all about conquering the fear. 

I mean, what are we really afraid of? 
Somebody laughing? Then, good!  Made them smile!  Judgemental opinions? As Nanny used to say, “That’s what makes it a horse race.”

Speaking of horses….
Trying to work my way through learning to use oils.  I love the feel of them, but still learning with each painting.  Taking away variables, I return to a subject I’ve done alot: horses.  Playing upon the aerial view I’ve been doing lately, here’s a horse, of course.

White Horse 12:00  (private collection)
oil on panel


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I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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2 Responses to Not Really Slacking

  1. What a beautiful painting and I love what you had to say in, “Not Really Slacking”. I can so relate. What a great and fun way to capture a horse. :) Congratulations on your new blog page. Love, Elania

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks Elania!

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