White Mug on Red

Another part of the coffee series……

White Mug on Red (sold)
oil on panel

About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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One Response to White Mug on Red

  1. coralartist says:

    Hey! There you go! Good for you.

    What kind of cups does the coffee shop have? Paint one, and embarrass them? Or please them? lol

    I have problems with the work ethic, also. Sometimes I crave to quit a few minutes, or seconds, after I start painting! What’s happened to me? Thirty years ago I painted and painted and painted.

    I just quit on the watercolor fish because I was starting to “paint with my nose” as someone said long ago about how I get kind of close while doing detail. Thought I’d do a watercolor to get loose, but it’s not working. Maybe I’ll go to the hardware store and buy a bunch of those one dollar throw-away brushes.

    Ok, keep it up! Our after class assignments were to keep our blogs going, and to go post answers on five other blogs every week! No? This is a new kind of communication for me, and I feel like I’ve jumped out of the bus into the ocean. The bus being the two discussion boards I frequent that are full of cyber people that I’ve known for several years. This ocean is vast and mysterious and full of wonderful things to discover!

    Keep those cups and mug shots hot! I’ll be back!

    Melissa of the many colored coats

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