Tall Mug

Tall Mug (sold)
oil on panel

This is a piece I finished last week. I am focusing on getting at least 2 paintings done a week (huge for me), so I’ll catch you up here.

I have a small exhibit coming up in a coffee shop, and as long as I’ve been more focussed on still lifes of household objects, I thought I’d create a new series of anything having to do with beverages.

This is one of my favorite coffee mugs when I have a morning at home. I love the because of its solid shape and it fits my hand perfectly. When I set this up, I liked the way the double shadows came into play.


About Tracy Wall

I'm an artist and massage therapist living in Denver, Colorado.
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6 Responses to Tall Mug

  1. Con Daily says:

    Which coffee shop? I’d like to see. I like the shadows in this one, too.
    Let me know if you run out of mugs to paint. I’ll take a photo of my fav and send it to you to paint.

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks Con.

    Coffee shop is a DazBogg Coffee at 12th / Speer in Denver. She allows an artist a month to hang in a small space. I don’t know how many months out she is, but can send you contact info if you’d like.

    Thanks for the mugshot (hahahaha) offer, but I’ve already got more potentials then I can possibly get done by 8/31. Will probably also use other types of beverage vessels, too. (glasses, bottles, etc..) Stay tuned; I’ll post another in the next day or so.

  3. Con Daily says:

    So, September is your month? I’d like to go have a coffee and see your work.
    You could do a self portrait of Tracy holding a mug. Title – mugshot

  4. Tracy says:

    What a cool idea! You creative photographer types……. You know, if I can pull it together, you just might see something like that. Thanks for the creative juice!

  5. Con Daily says:

    White Mug on Red may be my favorite, I’ll have to check out the others at the coffee shop. I love the shadows! Well done!

    Your coffee series makes me want to get out my little stovetop esspresso pot and photograph it. I imagine DazBogg has all sorts of cool beverage containers and makers for your inspiration.

  6. Con Daily says:

    Looking good! Yummy veggies with vine ripe color. I know I’ve said it before; you make good use of the shadows in your compositions.

    My little container garden of veggies and herbs has moved to the greenhouse now. I’ll be eating really tiny tomatoes soon.

    And meant to comment earlier on the mug shot: It seems so full of energy, your hair, eyes, even the background. It must be the caffeine?

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