Sweet Couple, © Tracy Wall

Sweet Couple
9″ x 12″
oil on panel
© Tracy Wall

To follow up on last week’s post of attending to the health of this blog, I need to ask myself: why would I want to blog?  What do I get out of blogging?

There’s a number of reasons:
~ Being an artist can be a solitary life.  I like to reach out to others.
~ It’s a way to connect with potential collectors
~ It’s a way to connect with fellow artists: share, compare, commiserate, and celebrate
~ It’s a way to let those unfamiliar with the creative process take a peek at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of artist’s life.
~ It’s a way for folks to get to know me.  Knowing me makes seeing my art more interesting.  Knowing my art makes me more interesting.
~ I just know that the moment I publish this post, I’ll come up with half-a-dozen other pivotally important reasons, but they escape me right now.  I’ll update PRN.  :)

After coming up with these reasons, I’m not sure I’ve been holding up my end of the bargain here on this blog.

That’s why I signed up for the Blog Triage class with Alyson Stanfield of ArtBizBlog.com and Cynthia Morris of OriginalImpulse.com .

My plan is to resuscitate this patient.
Stay tuned!

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