Colorful Cowboy, ©Tracy Wall

Colorful Cowboy
18″ x 14″
oil on canvas
© Tracy Wall

This one, inspired by the annual Stock Show and Rodeo here in Denver, is a remake of an older painting.  (I’m much older and wiser now, right?)  I’ll always love the cowboy take on this classic Greek pose.

As I ponder my 2014 Word of the Year, I look back to see where I’ve been, what have been stumbling blocks, and where I’d like to go.

A little background, I first came upon a “Word of the Year” from Christine Kane.  Instead of a list of goals to achieve, instead find a word to act as a guiding theme.  I think I just skipped last year; no focus?
In 2012 word was “adventurous”, because I was feeling as if I didn’t aim high enough.
In 2011, I chose “balance” and “vision” because I wanted more balance of activities and priorities (All work and no play makes Tracy very dull.), and I wanted to know where I’d like to go.
In 2010 I asked to “let go” of some things I thought were holding me back, while 2009 found me taking “action”.

I still keep these words in mind, I think they’ll often be my challenges.

This year, once again I’m feeling at a plateau.  Next post I’ll tell the story of a painting and how it helped guide my thoughts on this.

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